About Us

Mayma is Entrepreneurial Humanity 

We support a more human and conscious economy through the training, connection and visibility of Latin American entrepreneurs. 


For 15 years we have believed in a more inclusive and regenerative economy through entrepreneurial impulse.


We want to coexist and evolve consciously, with kind bonds in business. 


We believe in the Latin American entrepreneur, in creating a community in the economy of the common good.

What do we do?

We accompany entrepreneurs at every stage of the project and everywhere.

We provide you tools to rethink your business model and help you present yourself in impact investing circles. We want to accompany you in your search.

NÚM3ROS - Finance course
for entrepreneurs with social and/or environmental impact
ARG  Convocat abierta 

Mayma AZUL - Programa para acuicultores regenerativos y emprendedores azules
Convocatoria abierta

Programa hacia la inversión para expandir el impacto socioambiental.
ARG Convocat cerrada

For whom?

Para negocios que
quieren cambiar el mundo.

If you feel that the socio-environmental context drives you to undertake more consciously; if you are in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay or Venezuela, we are waiting for you.



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